How We Are Paid

How We Are Paid

At our initial meeting and as part of explaining how our services work we will discuss with you how our advice is paid for.

The first thing we will confirm is our belief and philosophy that the cost of our advice and whether we get paid should not be dependent on you purchasing a particular product from an investment or insurance company or even a lender.

All too often in life people get given what someone else wants to give them, as opposed to you getting what you want! We believe Financial Planning is much more than just buying products. Focusing on what’s important to you now and also your plans and dreams for the future are an integral part of the relationship we build with you and the guidance and ongoing advice we provide, coupled with our skill and experience, will help you get what you want.

We will clearly set out the work we anticipate to conduct on your behalf including all the advice and administration involved and then advise you of the cost. This is met by you either paying us a fee directly, which may be a combination of on engagement and completion and or via a product provider if preferred, which in some instances may still involve a percentage of the fee paid on engagement and the balance on completion of advice and administration.

We also operate an ongoing service where we provide regular updates and advice and we will discuss this with you at one of our meetings to see if this would be of benefit.