Let’s start off with Irish cricketer Kevin O’Brien. Playing for Leinster Lightning against North West Warriors, Kevin blasted a quick-fire 82, including eight sixes. Sadly, one of the sixes sailed over the boundary ropes and straight through the rear window of his own car.

Meanwhile, people are going nuts for Ohio woodworker Michael Dutko’s latest creation. He spent a cheerful eight hours building a ‘bar’ which dispenses seven different nut flavours to the neighbourhood squirrels. Among others, the lucky squirrels can choose from Peanut Pilsner, Pecan Porter and Pistachio Pale Ale.

Sadly, Messrs O’Brien and Dutko would get short shrift from the University of Fine Arts in Hamburg, which is giving three €1,600 (£1,450) grants in laziness. Professor Friedrich von Borries, who’s in charge of the project, believes laziness should be studied more closely. “It’s about getting off life’s hamster wheel,” he said.

So no nuts for you, Professor…

…And we stay in Germany to applaud one of the true heroes of ‘And finally…’

As many readers will know, Germany is famous for its naked sunbathing spots – a park in Berlin, for example. Sadly, certain parts of the city also have a problem with wild boars. One German gentleman was relaxing in a state of nature at Teufelssee, a lake in the west of Berlin. Naturally, he put his bag – containing his laptop – to one side.

Enter a wild boar which – obviously anticipating a tasty German sausage – stole the bag and made off with it. Our hero leapt to his feet and without another thought (or stitch of clothing) gave chase through the park.

What can you say? A stolen laptop, an exciting chase scene..? Just like a Jason Boar-ne movie…

Finally, figures were released during July showing that we spent £40.6bn trying to cheer ourselves up during lockdown, with consumers spending an average £771 each. As you’d expect, takeaway food and alcohol were high on the list, but Barclaycard also revealed that consumers bought an inflatable pub, a penny farthing and an antique diving suit.

With the weatherman telling you it’s going to be raining flying ants, who wouldn’t want to climb into an antique diving suit?