Recently we were helping a client who was taking tax free cash from her pension and using some of the funds to open a cafe and in discussion we offered to arrange their business insurance. To our surprise she said “I didn’t know you did that” and it made us think that perhaps this is not an area that we explain to clients and potential clients that we regularly arrange and advise on.
We have a lot of business clients with all types of business’s and perhaps we have been at fault in only telling these type of clients that we do business insurance, which is logical really.

With the entrepreneurial flavour to our society in recent years there have been a lot of new start-ups, that all require some form of public liability and or employer’s liability Insurance and cover for goods, stock and fixtures and fittings etc, even working from home requires an assessment of your cover.
One of the most important things on the to-do list when you start up in business is your Business Insurance and unfortunately the importance is often overlooked by the rush to get open for trade and the cheapest most basic policy is often set up, so at least you can open the business, with the promise to yourself that you will review at a later date. But with the hustle and bustle of business this promise if often broken!

Along with the unusual start ups and you just have to watch BBC’s Dragon Den for the type, there has also been an influx of the traditional business all trying and some succeeding to provide a unique selling point, whether its a Bakery, with the promise of good traditional home made cooking or small hotels and restaurants wanting to offer and do that something different in terms of service.
A business also needs to give due consideration, if they have a liability for installation or design and the potential costs if this goes wrong can be large and involve third parties and is big business these days, especially with the litigious and claim hungry society we seem to be living in and professional indemnity insurance is applicable to lots more business these days.There has also been an increase in outside catering, especially at this time of year with the many food, drink and music festivals all requiring suitable insurance.

We have been acting on behalf of our clients in arranging suitable business insurance for many years including Buy To Let Landlords’, outside caterers, whether it’s the bacon butty van or something a bit more a la carte, to funeral directors, electrical contractors, engineers, manufactures, etc, the list is quite varied.

What we do
The common theme between all of them is that we have provided a very personal service and face to face contact if necessary, to arrange and source the most suitable business insurance for them whether for the first time or at renewal.
The following is a list of the type of business we have provided insurance services to and of course is not exhaustive:

Candlestick maker
IT Firms
Contractors & Tradesmen
Retail shops,
Hair & Beauty,
Pubs, Restaurants & Takeaways,
Small Hotels & Guest Houses,
Offices & Surgery,
Commercial & Residential Property Owners

When your renewal is due and you want an alternative quotation with maybe more of a personal service, then please give us the opportunity to act on your behalf.