Despite recent improvements in construction standards, concerns over the quality of new-build homes in the UK are hindering buyer interest, according to a report by the Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB).

New Build Survey Findings

Over half of those surveyed for the CIOB’s report believe that older houses are better quality than new builds.

This perception is mainly due to a need for more trust in housebuilders, with 33% of respondents expressing low confidence in their ability to deliver high-quality homes.

The CIOB’s report acknowledges that certain “undeniable failures” by some high-profile housebuilders have tarnished the industry’s reputation. However, it maintains that most housebuilders are committed to building new homes to a high standard.

The National Federation of Builders trade association also admitted that some “undeniable failures by some high-profile companies” had harmed perceptions. However, it “hasn’t impacted the sales of the best builders”.

Have interest rates finally peaked?

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CIOB Recommendations for new build homes.

To address these negative perceptions of new builds and boost buyer confidence, the report recommends that housebuilders take proactive measures to demonstrate their commitment to quality.

This will help to change negative perceptions and could include open-planning initiatives. Allowing potential buyers to inspect construction sites and see the quality of materials and craft firsthand.

The report also highlights the environmental benefits of new-build homes, which are generally more energy-efficient than older properties.

CIOB Top tip-

Check if the housebuilder is registered with the New Homes Quality Board

Additionally, new builds must adhere to stricter building regulations, ensuring higher safety and sustainability standards.


With the UK facing a persistent housing shortage, addressing concerns over the quality of new builds is crucial to stimulating demand and increasing the supply of affordable homes.

Housebuilders can play a vital role in addressing this challenge by proactively demonstrating their commitment to quality.