Our office move is now complete and most clients should have all the updated contact details, but for those who haven’t please update your phone books and contact lists as soon as possible.
We are really happy with the move and the new premises are smart, modern, very professional and really conducive to conducting business with our clients and are accessible from all major roads and are in fact less than a mile from our previous address and remain easy to find, with free parking. As always hobnobs and coffee are in an abundance and please check the contact page on our website for further details and directions.

As sometimes happens, there was a little glitch that passed our beady eyes and our new postcode of L24 8HJ was miss-typed to L24 8RT (We are still hunting down the culprit!) Some stationary was affected, but we don’t feel it’s necessary to go to the expense of changing just yet and we will wait until the next stationary order! But apart from that, the move was seamless and without any problems and thank you to those who showed some patience whilst we were involved with the move.

We have a re-direction of mail in place and the old phone number is on divert to the new office for all those who haven’t yet updated their phone books.
As always everyone is welcome to pop in and say hello
See you soon.