As we navigate through this period of unprecedented disruption, we have moved most of our operation to our staff homes temporarily. Our aim is to minimise impact on our business operations and we’re working hard to continue to deliver the very best possible service to you our clients. So far our service is holding up really well and we’ve maintained continuity. Along with a lot of companies in our profession, we have put in place our off site work processes and procedures.

• We envisage our off site process to be at least in force until any ‘lockdown’ is removed and it is deemed safe to do so.

• Our live telephone messaging service is still active and we receive your message instantly and we are of course contactable by email and will endeavor to return calls and emails as quickly as possible.

• Postal documents are still being received and being sorted as the business centre premises remain open for designated ‘key workers’ and we are receiving mail on a daily basis.

• Although we have stopped all face to meetings, our full range of advice services are still available and we continue to deal with all enquires for advice and any servicing and administration issues.

• We are able to offer virtual face to face meetings via Facetime, Skype, Zoom, WhatsApp etc. where required.

• We do not currently have any restrictions on our services.

• Of course with the all the above, companies are experience back logs and delays in processing information, applications etc. so patience and understanding is needed across all platforms.

• So as far as we can its business as usual and please don’t hesitate to contact us with any advice or guidance required

Stay Safe and we look forward to seeing you soon