A big thank you to all those clients and those who are not clients just yet, who have left a review, which has helped us to be recognised as a Top Rated Adviser for 2021 and look out for our inclusion in the guide on the 10th of April in the Times Newspaper.

VouchedFor’s mission has always been to help consumers get access to the best advice for them. They do this primarily through checks and over 150,000 client reviews, which over 2 million+ people rely on each year.

As we enter 2021, with the uncertainty of both Covid-19 and Brexit front-of-mind, that mission has never been more important.

The public needs more reassurance than ever that their chosen adviser is good. Indeed, VouchedFor visitors are spending 61% longer on VouchedFor advisers’ profiles.

The 2021 Top Rated Adviser Guide will call out those advisers and firms who are consistently doing a great job for their clients. As decided by…their clients.

Thank You