This year has been a mixed bag of joy, happiness, surprise, sadness and disbelief in buckets!

One could say not unlike any other year, but as we all know the arrival of the pandemic and the implications of the lockdowns, have had in many cases, devastating consequences to business’s and individuals alike.

I don’t possess the literate competency to truly express the feelings that myself, my family and clients have gone through this year, of which some have lost their nearest and dearest and our hearts goes out to them .

We have also experienced the effects of Covid 19 in our family, with both my elderly parents getting infected, despite spending the bulk of the year indoors, only venturing out to hospital appointments! My father is due home from Hospital soon having contracted Covid 19 and it affecting his dementia, but I know many other families and businesses, have had worse years than I or Spectrum.

That said, we have had a very busy and productive year, albeit in many ways different to what we expected . The year has also brought people closer in someways, and made people more aware of their frailties and sometimes the frailties of their financial plans and we have helped many people this year, get their house in order and plan for the future and that is what we do well.

Whether it is helping show you the best way to protect your family in the event of financial setbacks or help plan for rainy days and long term retirement planning, these need to be done now more than ever.

Like a tall ship adjusting sails and direction when in or approaching a storm, financial planning needs to be adjusted on a regular basis and that sometimes means stopping and taking stock or redirecting priorities. Financial Planning is not a one stop transaction, its an ongoing process or journey to help you get what you want ,as opposed to someone else trying to give you what they want.

As to the New Year, we are positive, have a lot of exciting projects in the pipeline and really looking forward to being able to catch up with the face to face meetings we haven’t been able to do and continue to be there for you, hopefully with the help of the Vaccines and Zoom will also hopefully be used less!

We hope you like the image above, as that is the proposed home page  of our new website which is aiming to be ready for January 2021, fingers crossed. Feedback is always welcome!

The office will close from the 23rd December until the 4th January, but you can still telephone and leave a message and we will return your call within 24 hrs (as long as its not the 25th!) you can also email any questions or information that you may need, so we are not totally closed-do we ever!

We wish all our clients a Merry Christmas and a Happier and Healthier 2021.

Best Wishes Wayne