As we write, we are entering the first week of a second National Lockdown, albeit this one seems very different, with Schools, Colleges and Universities still open and despite most shops being closed, the traffic and footfall doesn’t seem any lighter! and with Christmas around the corner and having sadly recently lost some clients due to the dreadful disease, mixed feelings and the surreal nature of everything is certainly an overriding feeling in our business and my household.

As with the first lockdown and although we have learnt a lot, we still must navigate through this period of disruption and though we have limited face to face meetings, we have decided this time to keep our office open. Our aim is to still minimise impact on our business operations, and we are working hard to continue to deliver the very best possible service to you our clients. So far, our service is holding up really well and we’ve maintained continuity. Along with a lot of companies we are still adopting new processes and procedures, in line with Covid-19 guidelines.

With the current Stamp Duty holiday and impending change to the Help to Buy Scheme we are being kept busy and people are still retiring and need access to funds and those either in retirement or saving towards it, always have an eye on the stock markets and need updates and despite the disruption over in the USA, the markets seem to be having a positive view with the UK FTSE 100 up 5.80% this afternoon, also probably due to to some announced vaccine progress.

Sadly our activity has been tinged with sadness and death and we have lost some clients in recent months and weeks and I would urge you to review your Will and other estate documents and wishes and we will be writing an article on this matter in our next newsletter.

If you do telephone us and lines are busy or no one is available, then please do not hesitate to leave a message and we will endeavour to return calls and emails as quickly as possible. The post doesn’t seem to be affected, although we know the busy period is just around the corner, but you are more than welcome to pass any correspondence into our office if you prefer.

Although we have limited all face to face meetings, our full range of advice services are still available and we continue to deal with all enquires for advice and any servicing and administration issues and able to offer virtual face to face meetings via Facetime, Skype, Zoom, WhatsApp etc. where required.

Of course, with the all the above, companies are experiencing back logs and delays in processing information, applications etc. so patience and understanding is needed across all platforms.

So as far as we can its business as usual and please do not hesitate to contact us with any advice or guidance required

Stay Safe and we look forward to seeing you soon