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How We Work

Keeping things clear and straightforward is essential when we provide advice. You must be able to put your head on your pillow at night and understand and be at peace with your financial decisions that day.

Your Introduction to Spectrum

After our initial contact, we will arrange a mutually convenient time to meet, and our first meeting is without obligation or commitment for both of us.

Your introduction to Spectrum will be at our expense –meet the team-and. the hardest decision you will make at this stage ‘is which colour cup you want to drink from’!

The first meeting and how we work

The purpose of our first meeting is to gather some brief information, and this always starts with Coffee or Tea, a blank piece of paper and a little technology!

We will discuss how we work and your primary needs and objectives, answer any questions and explain how our service works.

We then agree on a way forward and establish if we wish to work together for the long term or if you require advice only once or even if you need advice.
We will also be able to give you an idea of the cost of our advice.

Going Forward with Spectrum

Whether you want a complete review/MOT of your financial plans, are planning for retirement, or need advice on the most suitable mortgage for your house purchase, we will ensure we gather sufficient information about your circumstances from as many meetings or telephone calls as necessary.

You will see how we work, and we can then use our skills and experience to conduct our research and analysis of your current financial position and priorities to provide you with our advice and eventual recommendations.

Becoming a client

When you become a client, we can then offer to review your plans and arrangements regularly.

We can provide an ongoing service, helping you work towards your objectives, considering any changes in your circumstances, financial market conditions and relevant legislation.

Now you have experienced how we work, you can look forward to knowing you will always have access to local and independent financial advice.

Let’s have a chat about how we can work together