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Cost & Value Based Advice

The famous investor Warren Buffet said, "Price is what you pay; value is what you get." We are big on providing value to you, always ensuring your price is clear and transparent and that you get what you want..

Value we can bring to you

All too often in life, people get what someone else wants to give them, as opposed to you getting what you want!

The process of cost and value based advice is much more than just buying products.

Focusing on what value we can bring to you now and ongoing is integral to the relationship we build with you.

We will, of course, explain and be transparent about the fixed fees we charge, which will always depend on the time taken and the complexity of the advice needed.

What is of value to you?

Morningstar, the investment research company, recently produced a report which highlighted the areas where customers saw where value came from and help explains the process of cost and valued based advice:

  • Has a good reputation and positive reviews, read Wayne’s reviews
  • Is knowledgeable on tax consequences of investing
  • Can help me maximise my returns
  • Is approachable and easy to talk to
  • Has a transparent fee structure, so I know what I am paying for
  • Keeps my interests in focus with unbiased advice
  • Communicates and explains financial concepts well
  • Has the relevant skills and knowledge

What value would you put on the above?

Advice Fee


Whether we are providing one-off advice, such as arranging a mortgage, or advice involving many areas, we will set out the work we anticipate conducting on your behalf.


This will include all the advice and administration involved and then advise you of the advice fee.


You can pay us a fee directly or via a provider, which may be a combination of some on engagement and the balance on completion.


We also operate an ongoing service where we provide regular updates and advice, and we will discuss this with you at one of our meetings to see if this would benefit you.

Let’s have a chat about value based advice