Email encryption is more vital now for businesses, as 70 percent of financial firms in the UK experienced cyberattacks in 2020?

This was largely a result of challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic and Brexit.

Needless to say, cybersecurity should be the front of mind for all businesses.

Thankfully due to our own internal security at Spectrum Independent we have managed to avoid the pitfalls and nightmare of dealing with any cyber-attacks or hacking.

That aside it is incumbent of us to always look at ways to improve our processes and systems.

Email encryption is the encrypting, or disguising, of email content to protect it from being intercepted. It is a key piece of outbound email security.

Encryption is often coupled with identity authentication in secure email solutions to make sure email contents can’t be read by anyone other than the intended recipient.

We have been looking at ways to secure a digital option to exchange sensitive documents and reports with our clients. Finding a solution that provided complete protection and complied with the GDPR and the FCA was a high priority.

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We tried a few options, but found that some were to technical to use, some were ‘cumbersome’ for members of staff, as well as clients, and lacked the usability and functionality they wanted.

We have found what we believe is good solution-Introducing: Mailock by Beyond Encryption.

  • Value for money- Mailock offers us the security we need, all without costing a fortune.
  • Practical features- We receive a notifications when a recipient opens an email. This allows us to accelerate productivity and workflows. Once we know a client has opened an email, we can follow up to see if they have any questions.
  • Easy to use- Even staff and clients with low levels of IT expertise can get to grips with Mailock’s simple and secure interface quickly (without having to ask for technical support).
  • Strong support- To help Spectrum get the most out of Mailock, we are provided with ongoing close customer service. This includes adding branding to our emails (which helps clients know that sensitive emails were definitely from Spectrum).
  • We have technical support to ensure tricky back-office systems aligned with Outlook and Mailock so everything worked in harmony.
  • Total security- Having dug deep on the specs of Mailock, we could see that the layers of protection were at a very high level. We now use Beyond Encryption to secure service agreements, letters of authority, valuation reports, as well as other sensitive documents.
  • So, look out for emails from us that will ask for an answer to a security question to allow you access to the encrypted email.