The “10 commandments of saving & investing” based on the thoughts of many – such as Warren Buffet and Benjamin Graham.

1.The stock market rewards the patient and punishes the rest.

2.Rising prices (inflation) can be your best friend or worst enemy.

3.Long-term returns come from investing in the great companies (Equities) of the world.

4.All savings need to be automatic or it will not happen.

5.Having and updating your Financial Plan is paramount. Having a portfolio is not a plan, and outperformance is not a goal.

6.The media do not have your financial futures in mind.

7.Disciplined behaviour will ensure your financial success.

8.There will always be negative news to report. Learn to ignore it. What bearing will today’s crisis have on your 30-year investment plan?

9.Tax is likely to be your biggest expense, learn to control its impact.

10.Never forget commandment one.